KOOTTU is a non-verbal play that uses objects, movement, sound and rhythm to tell a story about overcoming differences in the classroom. It initiates a conversation about inclusivity and diversity with children, and does so with imagination, humour, and a fun highly interactive post-play workshop.

KOOTTU opened in Sept 2019, and has performed 25 shows as of Feb 2020.

We performed mainly at government and private schools, were invited to 2 festivals (Atta Galatta Children’s Literature and Theatre Festival and City Scripts Festival, both in Bangalore), and also performed some public shows at performing venues in the city.

In March 2020, we had to stop all shows due to the global Pandemic. However, the need for the play at school spaces in still quite urgent – the play speaks directly to the politics of polarisation in India at present which also impacts children adversely and significantly. We hope to return with a newer version of the play at some point post the Pandemic rules change.

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