Orchestra on the Moon

Orchestra on the Moon opened in Atta Galatta, with 4 shows in its’ opening run over the weekend of 18th-19th August 2018.

This production was always imagined as a continuing exploration of the physical with the textual – We return to the floor after this opening run to take our explorations further.


A preview run by Bangalore Times (Times of India, national daily)

Press_Bangalore times.jpg


“Each time it sounds a little different
Heavier than yesterday
Sharper to the ear today
Growing like second skin…”

What happens to the unsaid in us? How does it move between us? Are our interactions towards each other framed by them? ORCHESTRA ON THE MOON considers the possibility that a society habituated to the unsaids in and amidst us, is one that contains within it many oppressed voices, and lost ways of being.


Devised and performed by

Anna Olkinuora, Lavanya Krishna, Mohammed Lehry, Pia Bungalowala, and Raam Kumar

Dramaturgy                            Shatarupa Bhattacharyya

Sound Design                         Anoop Unnikrishnan

Light Design                           Manju Narayan

Poster Design                         Kiran Joan

Production Team                    Shatarupa Bhattacharya, Manjunath Devraj

Text and Direction                  Nisha Abdulla


As a performer and playwright-director, my starting point has previously always been text. After an intensive 13 month director training program (Indian Ensemble 2017-2018), I felt equipped to challenge myself with a different possibility – using the physical with the textual to create performance. Orchestra on the Moon began as an experiment. As a process, I brought in text, images and sounds as provocations, and the cast devised and improv’ed around these provocations. Some of my biggest challenges on the floor was in translating intention, actioning the abstract, where and when to impose text to create greater meaning, and finding form – all of which were best dealt with in collaboration with the cast themselves.

Pics from our rehearsals and opening run!



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